Short-Term Goals

I read yesterday that social distancing has been extended through April 30th. It’s been going well here so far, but I have a feeling this will last longer than I originally expected. I think it’s time to get comfortable and start settling into this new way of life.

Overall, I’ve adjusted to spending most of my time at home. I get dressed every day, workout in my garage, and try to limit my news consumption. These things have helped me manage the uncertainty and fear that comes with this whole Coronavirus mess.

Now that I have my routine in place, I think it’s a good idea to start setting some short-term goals to make the most of my time at home. Goals keep me focused and give me a much-needed outlet when I start to feel worried.

Our bedroom renovation project is in progress

Blog daily. Luckily, one of my favorite hobbies is pretty well-suited for a socially distant lifestyle. Creating content is one of my favorite ways to stay busy, and I am making it my goal to write every day.

Keep up the momentum at the gym. Alan & I spent last weekend cleaning up our garage gym. After cleaning and painting, it turned out to be a comfortable and usable space. I’m making it my goal to continue training and building on the progress I’ve made over the last year. More specifically, I want to snatch 95lbs by the end of this quarantine.

Finish the home painting projects. Several areas in our house still need to be painted: the powder room, the guest bedroom, and the inside of Daphne’s closet. I am making it a goal to finish painting over the next few weeks. We recently painted our bedroom a light gray (photo above) and I LOVE the result.

This is a weird time in history, filled with stress and uncertainty. Personally, I always feel my best when I am working toward achieving my goals. Everyday life may look a lot different now, but the end goal is still the same: to be a stronger, kinder, better version of myself than I was yesterday.

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