Fitness Friday: Staying Motivated

It’s #fitnessfriday again here on Pearls & Barbells! I almost can’t believe we’re through this week already. Time has been passing strangely, does anyone else agree? It feels like certain moments drag on, but the days in general are flying by. We’ve been busy working and caring for Daphne, so maybe that’s why.

I wanted to write today about staying motivated while working out at home. I think this is a challenge we are all facing right now.

In all honesty, I’ve always struggled with home workouts. It’s hard for me to get in the right mindset. I feel more motivated when I’m around other people at the gym. I also enjoy seeing my gym friends and having access to a variety of equipment.

When I was suddenly yanked out of my routine, it was hard to find my groove again. After a few weeks, though, I think I have. Below are my suggestions for staying motivated during these strange times.

And one more thing – what about equipment? Don’t stress too much if you don’t have an elaborate home gym setup. There are plenty of great bodyweight routines out there. With the weather getting nicer, be sure to take advantage of biking, hiking, and running outdoors, too. 

Create a comfortable, designated workout space.

I’ve spent the last few weeks renovating my garage to serve as my makeshift gym. I’ve cleaned, painted, swept, and organized, and I finally feel like it’s coming together. I think it’s important to have a designated space that energizes you, whether you’re doing yoga, cardio, or weightlifting.

Listen to music.

Music always gets me in the right frame of mind for a workout. I still listen to my headphones in the garage, just as I would if I were at the gym. I’m currently creating some workout playlists on Spotify – I’ll let you know when they go live!

Keep a routine.

I’m still following the same general routine that I was previously (Sunday legs, Tuesday biceps, etc.) even though I needed to modify the exercises a bit. It helps to be consistent and stick to a schedule, especially now, when it feels like normalcy is hard to find.

Connect with others through social media.

I started a second Instagram handle (@pearlsandbarbells) that I keep just for my weightlifting pics and videos. I love connecting with others who share my love for weightlifting. It’s motivating to watch people continue to crush their workouts, quarantine or not! If you’re in a motivation rut, try creating your own fitness community where you can support your friends from afar.

Do you have any tips for staying motivated while working out at home? Drop them in the comments below.

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