Your New Favorite Protein Bar

What if there was a protein bar that tasted like a creamy scoop of peanut butter and organic honey, made with over 20 superfoods, and so fresh it was stored chilled? You’re in luck – there is such a bar, and it’s quickly become one of my fridge essentials.

I discovered Perfect Bars last year (through social media actually) and I’ve bought them regularly ever since. They’re a delicious boost of energy before or after a workout, and on off days, they make for a satisfying afternoon snack.

There are many protein bars out there, but I think the freshness and wholesome ingredients of Perfect Bars set this brand apart from the others. I’m always disappointed when I see a new bar on the shelves, only to realize that it’s full of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. I appreciate that I can recognize every ingredient on the label of a Perfect Bar.

I like that Perfect Bars are made in California and are based on an original family recipe. This company also has great customer service, branding, and innovation. You can tell they’re always looking for ways to connect with their customers. They take pride in their brand and regularly release new products and seasonal flavors. 

You can find them at most grocery stores in the fridge section. I get mine at Aldi! They are also available online. And while you’re poking around the website, be sure to check out their peanut butter cups and Perfect Bites, too.

I should mention that my two-year-old daughter loves these bars. In fact, she was upset before this photo shoot: she saw my bar sitting out, but I wouldn’t let her have it until after the photo was taken.

Have a happy Friday everyone!

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