What I Learned from MyFitnessPal

At this point, everyone is familiar with MyFitnessPal – the diet tracker app that makes it easy to record what you eat and drink. I first used MFP about 7 years ago when I was trying (and failing) to lose my “freshman 20.” The app has a few limitations, but overall I think it’s really helpful to see your food habits spelled out.

I decided to give the app another try last week. I have since lost my college weight by exercising regularly, but I was curious how my diet would stack up. This past year, I’ve focused more on exercise and had given myself a pass on my nutrition. I am trying to correct that in 2020.

I logged my food several days last week. The barcode scanner on this app is a lifesaver and makes scanning quick and easy. Here’s what I learned about my food habits.

I was eating way too much. I completed a macro calculator online (I really like this one by Katy Hearn fit) and found my caloric intake should be around 2,000 calories per day. One particular day that I logged, I had eaten over 2,500 calories! By using the app, I realized that I ate too many unsatisfying foods that weren’t keeping me full, causing me to snack throughout the day.

My macros goals were way off. Without getting too technical (because I’m still learning about this myself) macros are the macronutrients that give you energy: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Tracking macros is a good way to achieve specific goals – whether you’re looking to gain mass, lose weight, or maintain a current weight. For my goals and weight, I should be eating around 50g/day for fats, 272g/day for carbs, and 121g/day for protein. I was nowhere near those numbers.

I consumed too much sugar. Sugar has been a weakness of mine for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t considering portion sizes for sweets and snacks – especially flavored coffee creamer! I actually measured out my coffee creamer and was horrified that I had been using 3x the serving size for each cup.

I’ve learned a lot by using MFP again, and I plan to continue using it to get my diet back on track. Do you still use this app? Let us know in the comments! Follow along on Instagram @pearlsandbarbells.

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