Food Diary 5/6

Yesterday was a great food day for me! Despite the chaos that sometimes ensues when working from home and parenting a toddler, I managed to eat healthy foods and snacks all day long. As I mentioned in my previous post, using MyFitnessPal has helped me pay attention to nutrition and portion sizes and get my diet back on track.

Everyone’s caloric requirements will be different. Since I work out frequently (and my workouts are difficult) I don’t calorie cut extensively. I try to stay around 2,000 calories, with a breakdown of 40% carbs, 30% fats, and 30% protein.

Breakfast – 225 calories

  • Vanilla granola cereal with almond milk (140)
  • Organic apple sauce with cinnamon (50)
  • Coffee with half & half (35)

10am Snack – 175 calories

  • Another coffee with creamer (35)
  • Veggie crackers & cheese (140)

Lunch – 570 calories

  • Pasta with vegetables and cheese sauce (570)

2pm Snack – 335 calories

  • Salted cashews (140)
  • Homemade iced coffee (35)
  • Protein shake (160)

Dinner – 700 calories

  • Organic homemade beef hamburger (210)
  • Slice of cheese (70)
  • Toasted bread (no bun, 120)
  • Olive oil mayonnaise (60)
  • Steak fries (air fried, 240)

I kept my sugar consumption to a minimum (a big victory for me) and didn’t snack after dinner. Here’s to hoping more days can be like this one! Follow along on Instagram @pearlsandbarbells.

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