Gymshark Ultra Seamless Review

Gymshark is one of those brands that has a huge presence on social media. I’ve seen many of my favorite fitness bloggers wearing Gymshark gear and I was curious to give it try. There had to be a reason for the popularity, right?

Right! Last month, I purchased the Ultra Seamless set in two colors, one in blue and the other in cyber pink. After putting it on, I quickly realized what all the fuss was about.

Why I Love It

The Ultra Seamless line is made of thick-yet-flexible fabric that flatters the body and moves with you. Cool and comfortable, I’ve enjoyed wearing this set during my rigorous, no-air-conditioning garage workouts.

You can tell when you hold the material that it’s designed to last. The sports bra in particular is made from a heavy fabric, but it doesn’t feel hot to wear. The stitching is detailed and the color is bright.

Another thing I love is that the pieces retain their shape after washing and wearing. I should mention that I have been hanging them to dry instead of using the dryer.

Lastly, the design of the sports bra is cute and unique – I love the strappy back and the cutout detail at the shoulder.

A Few Drawbacks

Unfortunately, the Ultra leggings are a bit see-through. I don’t think I’d wear them on a heavy leg day (instead, try Born Primitive leggings for squats). The opacity of the fabric isn’t noticeable unless you’re really bending over, so these are still a great choice for upper body workouts, bike rides, and runs.

A second drawback to the Gymshark brand may be cost. Gymshark sets rarely go on sale (at least that I’ve seen) and with an average cost of about $100 per set, they are a bit pricey. Keep in mind they do offer discounts to college students and veterans, and they’re such high quality they’ll probably last for years.

Ideally, I’d love to get a new set every few months to add to my collection. Now that I’ve started wearing Gymshark, it will be hard to go back to wearing any old racerback top to the gym. For more info, check out @Gymshark on Instagram. I’m on Instagram too @pearlsandbarbells. Be sure to follow along for more reviews like this!

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