5 Grocery Store Finds That Won’t Break the Calorie Bank

Does anyone else look forward to their grocery delivery? No? Just me?

After a few months of delivery, I would be hard pressed to go back to the grocery store now. With delivery, there’s no awkward “are you 6 feet from me?” looks from other shoppers, no frantic hand sanitizer searches back at the car, no question if you’re going the wrong way down an aisle (as I am prone – albeit accidentally – to do).

Another thing I like about delivery is that the order is somewhat of a surprise. For example: I didn’t order grapefruit-flavored Bubly this week, but damn if that isn’t what I got! You never know if you’ll get a cucumber or a zucchini by accident. This variety is the spice of quarantine life.

Today I wanted to share 5 grocery store finds from this week. If I don’t have an arsenal of healthier snack options at the ready, I may find myself in the drive-thru of Dairy Queen, unsure how I got there. Preparation is key to managing cravings.

Perfect Bars (@perfectbar)Nutty and filling, I always have a few of these bars in my fridge. I love them so much I wrote a whole blog post about them. They’re not necessarily a low-cal food, but they are healthier than most of the heavily-processed, filled-with-junk bars available today. PS – two new flavors were just added this week, Cherry Pie and Lemon! Check out their website to shop.

Halo Top Ice Cream (@halotopcreamery) – I tried the Birthday Cake flavor last week. This week, I ordered Cookies and Cream. If I’m having a particularly bad day and decide to eat the entire pint, it’s only 320 calories and 7g of sugar. Compare that to Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey – although super delicious, a pint packs 1200 calories and a whopping 113 grams of sugar.

Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino (@starbucks) – I really don’t think I’d get through the afternoons without these! Sweetened with Splenda and 100 calories, it’s the perfect way to fend off that WFH afternoon slump.

Sensible Portions Veggie Chips (@sensibleportions.us) – If given the choice between salty or sweet, I’d almost always pick sweet. That said, these Veggie Chips are quite satisfying. If I was blindfolded, I don’t know if I could tell the difference between these chips and Pringle’s.

However, unlike their evil Pringle cousins, Sensible Portions chips don’t have MSG (eek!), yellow food coloring, or artificial flavors. They only have 1g of saturated fat, compared with Pringle’s 2.5 grams.

Bubly Soda Water (@bublywater) – We are big soda water drinkers here in the Senatore household. This week, I was surprised when a case of grapefruit Bubly was delivered (I ordered a different brand completely, which was out of stock). But no worries! The grapefruit Bubly is light and refreshing.

PS – I’ll be sharing one of my favorite zero-calorie soda water drinks here on Friday. Stay tuned for more!

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