Raspberry Fruit Fizz

I consider myself a bit of a soda water connoisseur. PureAqua Belle Vie from Aldi is affordable, yet slightly austere. Waterloo is bright with a luscious fruity finish. La Croix is earthy, with complex undertones of cockroach insecticide. Just kidding (mostly).

In all seriousness, carbonated water isn’t always the most exciting drink. Most of the time, I enjoy unsweetened water. Other times, I need something more thrilling.

Luckily, it’s not hard to create a low-calorie fruit fizz that’s perfect for summer. All you need are some frozen fruit ice cubes, your favorite soda water, and a few splashes of sugar-free (or low sugar) flavored syrup.

For this post, I made a raspberry drink with blueberry ice cubes. You could also try blackberry water with peach syrup, lemon water with strawberry syrup, or pineapple water with mango syrup. There are so many possibilities.

What’s your favorite flavor combo? Let us know in the comments!

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