The Perfect Summer Lunch: Tofu + Mint Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are a Thai restaurant essential and the perfect summer lunch. They’re crunchy, flavorful, light, and satisfying.

I’ll admit, I’m not exactly a whiz in the kitchen. I’m also juggling WFH, life, and parenting a toddler, so I’m thankful these spring rolls are pretty easy to make.

You’ll need:

  • Nasoya sesame ginger precooked tofu
  • Spring roll rice wrappers
  • Torn mint leaves
  • Prepared rice noodles (aka vermicelli)
  • Cucumbers and carrots cut as matchsticks
  • Spinach or spring mix
  • Peanut sauce (I like House of Tsang Bangkok Peanut Sauce)

Soak the rice wraps briefly in a shallow bowl of water to soften them up. Full disclosure: the wraps are a little tricky to get used to at first, but after you roll a few, you’ll get the hang of it. I usually double up on the wraps to make them stronger. Also, be careful not to over-soak!

Next, add your ingredients and wrap ‘em all up! I love the Nasoya tofu because it’s precooked and you can eat it right out of the package. Feel free to experiment with other veggies, too, such as peppers or zucchini.

Last but not least, you’ll need a peanut sauce for dipping.

Minimalist Baker has a delicious homemade sauce recipe (for you overachievers out there). If you’re living in a COVID-chaos WFH blur like me, don’t worry – store-bought sauce works fine, too! I like the House of Tsang Bangkok Peanut Sauce the best.

Have a great weekend!

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