Real Flavor, Less Sugar: Why I Love True Citrus Drink Mixes

I’m one of those people who refuse to acknowledge that summer is coming to an end. While everyone is enjoying pumpkins and sweaters, I’ll be sitting here drinking my lemonade well into October.

August 20th was National Lemonade Day, and if you missed out, it’s never too late to partake. But hang on a second before you grab a bottle of pre-mixed lemonade from the grocery store.

Did you know that some brands of bottled lemonade can have 25g of sugar per serving?

If you’re like me and have two glasses of lemonade with a meal, that’s about 240 calories and 50g of sugar in one sitting. Those extra calories really add up. And excessive sugar is simply one of the worst things for your health.

One of my favorite healthy lifestyle hacks is True Citrus drink mixes. If you haven’t tried these yet, run – don’t walk – to your nearest grocery store and get yourself a box.

Why I Love Them

I love that they’re made from simple ingredients: crystallized lemon, Stevia leaf extract, cane sugar, natural flavorings, and beta-carotene for color. They taste the way lemonade should, without all the junk: slightly sweet and refreshingly citrus-y.

Another bonus? These drink powders come in a few different flavors: peach, strawberry, classic original, wildberry, and raspberry. True Lemon even has a line of limeaids, energy-boosters, and iced teas. Check out their website to see all the varieties.

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean never having the food or drinks you love. To me, it’s all about making better choices along the way. Smart, sustainable choices are the way to go!

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