Do You Film Your Workouts? Here’s Why You Should

We’ve all seen someone at the gym taking a workout video.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have an Instagram husband behind the camera, happily recording your sets. If you’re alone, you may need to precariously position your iPhone on a stack of bumper plates to get the right angle. Not that I’d know anything about that.

It’s easy to think someone recording a fitness video may be conceited, chasing “likes,” or looking for approval, but that’s not always true. I think workout videos are useful and can actually make you a better athlete.

Here’s why you should record yourself working out.

To Fix Form Issues

I hurt my back a few years ago deadlifting. I couldn’t figure out why. I thought my form was good, I wore a belt, I looked tough, I was seeing results. What happened?

When I recorded myself from the side, I realized I had a few glaring form errors. Probably most importantly, I was hyperextending at the top, putting pressure on my lower back.

Once I realized this tendency, I took videos for weeks and practiced until it was corrected. My form is so much better now. And there’s no more back pain.

To Laugh At Yourself

I’ve caught some really funny moments on video: like falling on my butt during a warm-up snatch, dropping a 115lb clean because I hadn’t learned the hook grip (see Instagram), and generally just laughing at the faces I make when I lift something heavy.

Without taking a video, I couldn’t laugh at myself. And you couldn’t laugh at me, either. So you’re welcome.

To Connect With Others

Like many people right now, I’m mostly working out at home. I like my garage setup: it’s convenient, I can wear what I want, and I don’t even need to rerack my plates.

It’s nice, but I’ll admit, I miss the gym sometimes.

When you can’t see people in person, sharing videos can be a good way to stay connected and celebrate your wins with friends from all over.

To See How Far You’ve Come

Finally, videos are a great way to see how much you’ve improved over time.

Sometimes when I look at a video of myself, I think, “Wow that needs some work.” But there are many other times when I can see how much I’ve improved. I love how videos are like a time capsule to your past self.

So the next time you’re killin’ it during leg day, take out your phone and record your deadlift. If you look great, share it! If it needs some work, fix it. You have the knowledge: all because you took a video.

Thanks for reading! – Haileigh

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