How It Started vs. How It’s Going

Have you seen the #howitstartedvshowitsgoing hashtag floating around this week? This challenge is a great reminder that everyone starts somewhere. Nobody is born an expert. When you’re on your way to a goal, there’s a whole lot of growth (and work!) that needs to happen before you start to see the payoff.

My fitness journey began about 7 years ago. I can’t believe how much I’ve changed since then. At my unhealthiest, I was finishing up college and at my highest weight ever. I was unhappy and uncomfortable. I liked the gym, but I was too intimidated by the weight room to make any real progress. I’d run the track a few times and call it a day.

After I graduated, I started working out regularly with my husband. I’m so thankful he introduced me to weightlifting: he showed me how to use the equipment, the free weights, the cables. He explained the difference between a conventional deadlift and a Romanian deadlift. As I started to enjoy fitness more and more, I began to do my own learning and research. I fell in love with feeling strong and healthy.

Fast forward to now: I’m still learning every day, but I’m finally on the track I want to be on. Weightlifting has improved my confidence, my health, and my general outlook. It’s made me resilient, tough, and adaptable. Quite honestly, it’s changed my life so much for the better. But it’s been a really tough road with plenty of tears, passion, and sweat along the way.

If you’re just getting started on your journey, begin wherever you are. Always remember that everyone starts somewhere. I like to think that, at some point, Tiger Woods picked up a golf club for the first time. In 2013, I could barely do a set of body weight squats (not an exaggeration). Now, in 2020, I’m squatting close to 200lbs. If I can do it, I promise you can, too.

Your first podcast will have some kinks, but publish it anyway. Your first time at the gym may be awkward, but go lift anyway. Your first mile may be grueling, but run anyway. Give it some time and you’ll be so glad you did!

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