Bumpdate + A Motherhood Maternity Haul

Hope you’ve had a good weekend so far. Winter is dragging on and I’m rapidly running out of activities to keep Daphne entertained during this pandemic. I can’t wait until it gets warmer next week and at least we can venture outside.

I got the results back from my ultrasound. The baby looks great, and for that we are so thankful.

But the doctors found a possible complication, and out of an abundance of caution, I’ve been told not to exert or strain at all. Exercise – especially weightlifting – isn’t allowed from this point on.

This was tough to hear, but of course I’ll do anything necessary to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

In other news, Motherhood Maternity is having a great sale! You’ll get $50 off $100 with code “COLOR.” This includes a ton of sale styles, too!

I love how many classic pieces they have for spring. Here’s what I got:

Smocked Waist Flutter Sleeve Maternity Top

Reminded me of something you’d wear on the boardwalk during the summer. I love the beach vibes.

Sheer Sleeve Textured Maternity Blouse

Pretty for the spring. Also available in black!

Rib Knit Maternity T-Shirt Dress in BW Stripe

You know I can’t resist a good striped dress!

Mimi Racerback Clip Down Maternity and Nursing Bra

One of the few bras part of the “COLOR” sale, this looks really comfortable and gets great reviews.

Have a great Sunday!

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