Aldi Finds: A Variation on Traditional Tikka Masala

Tikka masala is a delicious curry dish found in Indian restaurants around the world. Not to be confused with the Italian dish marsala, the masala’s primary ingredients are chicken, spices, tomatoes, yogurt, chili peppers, and garlic.

My recipe is a vegetarian variation using a delicious pre-made sauce from Aldi. Instead of basmati rice on the side (as it is traditionally served), I substituted for some organic pasta I needed to use in my pantry. I also substituted chicken for chickpeas and added Brussels sprouts for some greenery.

Aldi’s simmer sauces make it super easy to pull together a delicious meal in minutes. To make this dish, I combined a can of chickpeas in a skillet with Brussels sprouts, red onions, and olive oil. When the pasta was finished, I combined the simmer sauce with the veggies and let the flavors cook together.

The next time you visit Aldi, be sure to check out their Journey to India korma and tikka masala simmer sauces!

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