Strawberry Dragonfruit Bowl

Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. We had a busy weekend, but I managed to find a bit of time to prep some new recipes to share. One is this yummy dragonfruit strawberry smoothie bowl.

Dragonfruit (aka pitaya) is a tropical fruit and a member of the cactus family. It’s best known for its pretty pink outer skin and black and white inside. The taste is mildly sweet and it has a consistency similar to a kiwi. My daughter Daphne loved the colors and was excited to try it.

The coconut milk in this recipe gives the smoothie a tropical kick. Since dragonfruit doesn’t have a bold flavor on its own, it’s important to use some other berries to enhance the sweetness. I chose strawberries, but raspberries work great, too!

Fresh or frozen?

You can use fresh dragonfruit or the frozen pouches available at Whole Foods. If you use the frozen variety, they’re usually a beautiful shade of pink and will give your bowl a vibrant color. I made the bowl below last year using the frozen pouches and the color was so pretty! 😍

Here’s what’s in my dragonfruit strawberry smoothie bowl:

▪️ Frozen banana
▪️ 1/2 cup fresh Dragonfruit
▪️ 1/2 cup coconut milk
▪️ 1/4 cup pineapple juice
▪️ 1 cup frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries)

Blend all ingredients lightly and top with fresh fruit, chia seeds, and a few chocolate chips. Mine are my favorite from Enjoy Life foods – they’re free from 14 common allergens and made from real ingredients.

Hope you enjoy! Be sure to follow on WordPress and find me on Instagram @pearlsandbarbells.

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