Chicken and Arugula Sandwich

This pregnant lady has been craving all the sandwiches. Since lunch meat is off the table right now, I’ve had to get creative to come up with satisfying alternatives.

I made this chicken and arugula sandwich last week with some baked chicken I already had prepped in the fridge. It was crunchy and yummy and filling! Here’s what I used to make it.

▪️ 2 slices of thin-sliced, toasted multigrain sourdough (if going low-carb, try a lettuce wrap or the Carb Balance wraps from Mission Foods)
▪️ Shredded chicken breast
▪️ Pickles
▪️ Arugula
▪️ 1/2 slice cheddar cheese
▪️ Dijon mustard

I served with a side of fresh fruit to finish it off. What sandwiches have you been loving lately? Let us know in the comments!

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