Easter Baking: Carrot Muffins by Cookie + Kate

Happy weekend! 🐣 I hope it’s warming up where you live. We’ve had a weird cold spell here in PA and I’m over it. I’m SO ready to put away the coats and gloves and boots.

Daphne and I had a lot of fun baking for Easter yesterday. We made healthy carrot muffins from the Cookie + Kate blog. If you haven’t checked out Kate’s blog yet, definitely do so! She has a ton of delicious, whole-food recipes to try. And her dog, Cookie, is a really cute sidekick.

I love this carrot muffin recipe because it’s not very sugary (maple syrup provides the sweetness). It calls for 2 cups of freshly shredded carrots, plain Greek yogurt, olive oil, spices, raisins and nuts. As Kate suggests on her page, these muffins would be perfect to have on hand for breakfast any time of year.

Since I’m using my muffins as a dessert for Easter brunch, I opted to add cream cheese frosting. Here’s how I make mine:

▪️ 1 stick of butter, room temp
▪️ 8oz cream cheese, room temp
▪️ 1tsp vanilla extract
▪️ 2 cups powdered sugar

Mix together the softened butter and cream cheese until combined. You can do this by hand (it’s an arm workout!) or with a mixer.

After the butter and cream cheese are combined, slowly sift in the powdered sugar and add the vanilla. This frosting isn’t super sweet – some recipes I’ve seen call for as much as 4 cups of powdered sugar. But I think it does the trick! It comes out thick and creamy and pipes well in an icing bag.

Hope you all have a happy holiday weekend!

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