The GDM Diet: Day Two

Well, it’s been two days since I found out I had gestational diabetes and had to change some of my eating habits. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned, even in a short amount of time.

For one, I didn’t realize how much I depended on sugar. I’ve always had a “sweet tooth,” but now I’m seeing the hold that sugar had over my life. I wasn’t able to go a day without having a treat – even if it was just dark chocolate or a glass of juice. It’s been two days since I’ve had anything sweet and I’m feeling proud! I want to break this craving once and for all, and the best thing for me is to go cold turkey.

I’m learning more about the function of food: which foods fuel your body and how. I’m enjoying talking with a dietician about when to eat and how to best pair carbs with proteins. I think back to some of the meals that I thought were balanced – I realize now that they weren’t. I wonder if some of my headaches, occasional dizzy spells, and mood fluctuations could’ve been caused by blood sugar swings.

I’m also appreciating simple things more than I did: the fizz of sparkling water, the way a fresh-squeezed lime brings out the flavor in chicken, and how sweet strawberries are naturally. I was used to eating ultra-sweet artificial foods throughout the day that my senses were dulled to the flavors in natural foods.

So yes, I’ve had to say goodbye to some of my favorite things (like orange juice and chocolate). But I’m learning to accept this is an eating plan I should stick with, even after pregnancy. I think I’ll gain far more than I’m leaving behind.

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