Foodie Finds: Think! Bars

Hurrying through the grocery store last week, I passed through the protein and wellness section. If I’m not careful, I can spend too much time, money, or both in that corner of the store. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Loaded down with a case of LaCroix and low-carb English muffins, I was making a beeline for the registers when I noticed a “10 for $10!” sign near some protein bars I’d never tried before. I picked one up. They were Think! bars: high protein, low sugar, yummy-sounding flavors.

I was intrigued by flavors like “Cupcake Batter” and “Chocolate Almond Brownie.” I hadn’t had dessert in weeks and was craving something sweet, but there was no way these bars would be allowed. They were too good to be true.

Scanning the nutrition facts, I expected to see an off-limits ingredient. I didn’t find any. No artificial sugars, 18g of protein, 24g of carbs. I happily realized I could make these work within my daily guidelines.

I picked up 10 bars and decided to give them a try.

Think! bars are a delicious treat that I look forward to every day. My tactic is that I don’t eat the whole thing at once: instead, I break off little pieces and enjoy it throughout the day.

You can find a ton of flavors on their website: a bestseller variety pack, a plant-based line, keto-friendly, and even two crispy varieties. Check them out: you won’t be disappointed!

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