Daisy’s Birth Story

After a loooong pregnancy that included a COVID scare in the fall, twelve weeks of pelvic rest, and gestational diabetes, my sweet second daughter Daisy finally arrived on June 22nd at 8:11pm.

I’ve heard people say the second labor is easier than the first, and thankfully this was true for me. After the induction started at 5am, I spent most of the morning groggy and napping. The hospital was very attentive and gave me breakfast and lunch that consisted of chicken broth, Jell-O, juice, and hot tea. It might not sound too glamorous, but it was refreshing and helped keep my sugar in check.

After the liquid lunch, the doctors told me they wanted to break my water to ensure my labor kept progressing. It was at this point that I decided to get the epidural placed, which wasn’t terrible, either. The epidural made me feel extra sleepy, so I slept a bit more as the afternoon progressed into early evening.

By the evening, things started to get pretty intense. My epidural had worn off on half of my body (apparently that can happen) and the contractions became incredibly painful. The anesthesia team quickly adjusted some settings and fixed the problem, leaving me pleasantly numb and a little groggy as I transitioned into the last phase of labor.

Once active labor began, Daisy was born in only 11 minutes. At 8:11pm, I got to meet my beautiful little girl. She weighed 8lbs and 5oz and was 21 inches long. It was amazing to me how much she looked like her big sister!

I felt so much more calm and aware during Daisy’s birth than I was with Daphne. After Daphne was born, I remember feeling like I was in a state of shock – totally bewildered and exhausted. In my experience, being a second-time parent is so much easier because you know generally what to expect.

I can’t thank the hospital team enough for a wonderful delivery experience. They took great care of both me and the baby, and we were discharged in only 24 hours.

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