Surviving the Fourth Trimester

Daisy will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and we’re in the thick of the fourth trimester. Right now, my days consist of caring for the baby, making sure my toddler gets enough attention, napping when I can, basic household chores, and plenty of Netflix to keep me awake during nighttime feedings.

In my experience, it’s been much easier going from one child to two than it was being a first-time parent. I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I did when Daphne was born.

Even still, the first few months with a new baby are HARD. I’ve had a million questions for the pediatrician, nobody is sleeping well, and our whole routine has been upended. But the new baby snuggles and watching Daphne become an amazing big sister makes everything worth it.

Overall, I’m handling this huge change pretty well. Here’s what’s helped me survive during this new chapter.

🌷 Having healthy snacks on hand. I make sure there are healthy options prepped (sliced fruit, cheese cubes, low-sugar bars) so I can stay on track when I’m bewildered at the fridge at 2am.

🌷 Accepting help! If someone is willing to watch Daphne or make dinner, I’m taking them up on those offers.

🌷 Giving myself time to heal. I’m eager to get back in the gym, but I’m not in a hurry. I keep reminding myself that my body just did something totally amazing. There’s no rush to look a certain way.

🌷 Learning to accept that “productivity” looks different right now. I don’t normally spend hours watching TV, but it helps to pass the time when I’m feeding a newborn 8-12 hours a day. It’s ok to change your definition of productivity for the time being.

🌷 Getting outside as much as possible. I’m not cleared for exercise yet, but daily walks have been a great way to boost my mood and slowly get back into shape.

🌷 Remembering that these stages pass quickly. I learned with Daphne that the baby stage is over fast, so I try not to stress too much when I have a bad day.

Have a great week! Be sure to follow my blog on WordPress and find me on Instagram @healthywithhaileigh.

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