My Unhealthy Weight Loss Story

It’s been almost three years to the day since the following pictures were taken. They popped up today on my iPhone “memories” and I’m glad they did – I’ve been reflecting on them quite a bit.

I remember how I felt when these photos were taken – Daphne was still a baby and I was at the lowest weight I’d been since high school. 😬 I was aggressively restricting calories, not sleeping well, trying to breastfeed and exercise heavily, while also working full time. Needless to say, my milk supply dried up, which I stubbornly blamed on the transition back to work. Now I know it was primarily due to my poor nutrition and strict calorie deficit.

This wasn’t a healthy way to lose weight. I felt weak and lethargic. My muscle tone had withered away and I felt frail and hungry constantly. There was no way I could continue to feed my baby when I wasn’t even giving myself the nutrients I needed.

Compare those photos with the one above – taken last year when I was the healthiest point in my life so far. I was consistently lifting weights, eating mostly healthy foods without restriction, and sleeping well. You can see the difference!

I’m breastfeeding again, but time around, I’m following the RP Diet template specifically for nursing moms. I’m so excited to start this new eating plan today! It was designed by doctors and nutritionists to maximize a mom’s health while allowing for consistent and appropriate weight loss after having a baby.

I’m taking some before pics today and I’m excited to document my progress over the coming weeks. I’m not making these eating mistakes again and going back to that frail version of myself. We have enough to worry about as new moms without depriving ourselves of adequate nutrition!

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