A Reverse Transformation: My Postpartum Journey Begins

I’m a little over 1 month postpartum. After a somewhat difficult pregnancy (with pelvic rest and gestational diabetes) I’ve lost most of my strength and muscle tone. I wanted to continue lifting while pregnant, but life had other plans! It happens.

Most of the time when you see a comparison photo, the “now” picture is an improvement over the “then” picture. This isn’t the case for me. I feel like I’m starting at square one, since much of the progress I made in the past two years (when I began working out consistently) seems to have disappeared.

Despite this, I’m not feeling frustrated. Having a baby is a huge undertaking for the body and it can take months or years to recover – despite what some influencers and the media want you to believe.

I’ve found that gratitude is a powerful force against adversity. I am thankful for everything my body did (and still does). I’m taking each day one step at a time and focusing on eating healthy foods, sleeping as much as possible, and exercising on the days I feel up to it.

It may feel like it sometimes, but I keep reminding myself this isn’t square one for me. I’m not the uncertain girl learning to lift in an old gym in central Pennsylvania – now, I’m armed with years of experience. Let’s do this!

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