July 2021 Diary

I can’t believe the month is over! Time has been flying ever since the baby came.

There’s been a chill in the air and it’s starting to feel like late summer/early fall. I’ve seen a few pumpkin spice ads pop up, too – but according to my story poll this week, almost all of you think it’s too early (and I agree).

Here are a few highlights from July.

I relaunched my blog and hit 5,000 page views.

I finished a three-week workout plan to ease back into exercising. It included complex exercises such as squats, push-ups, and deadlifts.

Alan ran his first warrior obstacle race and placed first in his time slot. The kids and I were cheering from the sidelines. He and I also signed up for a Tough Mudder race in October to do together.

We enjoyed a relaxing long weekend at the lake. The whole trip was as perfect as could be. I was hit with some intense nostalgia as we were packing up to leave – it was one of those trips where you know in the moment it’s going to become a wonderful memory.

I started tracking macros again and following an actual meal plan. There was a learning curve at first, but I’m getting much better at planning meals. I’m seeing great results so far and haven’t noticed a reduction in my milk output for the baby, which can sometimes be a concern with postpartum weight loss.

It was a great month and I can’t wait to see what August has in store! Have a great weekend. If you enjoyed this post, please follow along on WordPress and find me on Instagram at @healthywithhaileigh.

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