In the Know: August 9th

We had one of the nicest weekends in recent memory.

On Saturday, we took the kids to a new playground and got caught in an unexpected downpour, which Daphne thought was hilarious.

On Sunday, Alan and I had our first date in months. We ran 2 miles and ate dinner outside at one of our favorite restaurants. I feel so refreshed and ready to take on this new week.

Here are three things you should know as we go into Monday.

Renaissance Periodization Podcast

I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times, but I’m currently following the Renaissance Periodization (aka “RP Diet”) Breastfeeding Diet Template. It’s a macros-based eating plan that allows you to build your own meals based on their criteria.

I’ve had chocolate, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and even some mac and cheese while following this plan. It’s balanced, flexible, and it really works!

I just found out that theres an RP Podcast available on Spotify. They give nutrition tips, training advice, and interview accomplished athletes and doctors in the sports medicine field. It’s worth a listen, check it out!

Halo Top Pops

One of everyone’s favorite brands, Halo Top, has expanded their line of products. They’ve started making low-calorie fruit pops in a bunch of flavors like mango, coconut, strawberry, and lime. They also have a few new keto-friendly bars to try.

Ello Duraglass™ 10pc Meal Prep Set

With many offices reopening this fall, it’s starting to feel like “back to school” for adults. I’ll be needing some meal prep containers so I can continue with my eating plan even when I’m away from home.

I love the Ello Duraglass Set because it’s made of silicone-wrapped glass – so no gross plastic leaching when your reheat these containers in the microwave.

Hope everyone has a great start to the week! If you enjoyed this post, follow along on WordPress and find me on Instagram @healthywithhaileigh.

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